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Macallan – 1926


Art By Bruce
Craigellachie Bridge – Macallan Whiskey

In the peaceful village of Craigellachie in the north eastern corner of Scotland is a stone bridge over the river Spey. The road leads to the Macallan Whisky Distillery. Their whiskies are famous around the world and none more so than the exclusive 1926 vintage.

It is said that only 40 bottles were produced and in 1986 – when the whisky was 60 years old – two artists were commissioned to design a label to be used on 12 bottles each.  One was Italian Valerio Adami and the other Sir Peter Blake

Now, 32 years later and the whisky just turned 92 a Sir Peter Blake labelled bottle is going on auction. On the 12 October Sothebys are hoping that this bottle will be knocked down for $1,200,000 – or more, and thus beat the price of the Valerio Adami labelled bottle recently auctioned for $1,100,000.

Sir Peter Blake designed the album cover for the Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

So there you have it – The art of the master whisky distillers, two visual artists and one of the finest music groups of all time,all combined to make great art.

If you have a spare R 15, 000, 000 you may want to have a little flutter on the auction. If your purse doesn’t stretch that far, you could invest in a piece or two of my art. At the current rate of exchange, they are the bargains of a lifetime.

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Bruce Andrew
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