Banksy rewound

My humble tribute to the master of thinking outside the box – OP465

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Portrait, Landscape, Girl With Balloon, Banksy Rewound
Banksy Rewound

If you have never seen the “Shredding Banksy Painting” then perhaps now is the time. It’s about 2 minutes long. So what is Banksy Rewound all about? It’s quite simple really. I think the man is a genius. Off the wall, or should that be “On the wall”? But nevertheless, a genius, and master of thinking outside the box.

Banksy is a mysterious character that paints the most amazing, funny, thought provoking and downright cheeky murals, but with a graffiti air about them. This particular painting, which is small compared to his other works, is big on shock, publicity grabbing, self promotion and dare I say it, making money.
Girl with a balloon was auctioned by Sothebys for a staggering $1, 400, 000 . On completion of the auction a shredder built into the picture frame was activated and the painting began to shred. It jammed three quarters of the way through, but that just added to the intrigue and romance of the entire process.

Seconds after the fall of the hammer “Girl with a balloon” began to shred. Right before the very people who had been bidding for the work.

So I imagined how Girl with a Balloon would look like if the painting could have been rewound into it’s frame. Here it is – “Banksy Rewound” – my tribute to the mystery man of thinking out the box.

Banksy Rewound is an Oil Painting on canvas, done with heart and soul and measures 305 x 406 mm or 12 x 16 inches.

There are some nice works in the pipeline, mine, not Banksy’s, that may interest you, “Tobias Toucan” “Bull Elephant” and “Jessica – Ceres Rail Company

If none of the above are your answer to “which one do you love?” then perhaps you have a favourite image or idea that you would like captured on canvas. If so contact me on and together we’ll turn the dream into reality.

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew