Tree near Stanford

Tree between Stanford and Napier – OP406

Dead tree, Stanford, Oil Painting, art by Bruce, Art for Sale
Tree Near Stanford

Tree Near Stanford is a oil painting on a stretched canvas measuring 305 x 406 mm or 12 x 16 inches. That’s the detail, now let me tell you about the painting and why it got painted. There is a thing about dead trees, or rather, some people have a thing about dead trees. How old was the tree, why did it die, what did it look like in it’s prime? who sheltered underneath it on a hot day? That kind of unanswerable question, which leads to human’s best loved pastimes …..making assumptions.

Tree near Stanford was inspired by a photo Freda took on the road from Stanford over the Akkedis Pass heading toward Caledon, Napier and Riviersonderend. In midsummer, after the wheat, canola, barley and oats harvest, the countryside presents a dry and extremely bleak picture. The Merino sheep stand around in various patterns to glean a moments shadow and relief from the blazing sun. Eventually, they know, and we know, relief will come. Relief in the form of the Western Cape’s winter rains. Invest in Tree Near Stanford

Other paintings that you make enjoy are Old Car and Windmill, Wild Flowers and Shepherds Hut. Perhaps you have a favourite image that you would like captured on canvas. In that case contact us by email on and we will make your dream a reality. We put heart and Soul into getting your artwork as near perfect as possible.

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