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A red version of a “Grey Fergie” tractor

Red Fergie - 2017
Red Fergie

Harry Ferguson was the Irish Engineer and Inventor that designed the first three point linkage for tractors. This device prevented the front wheels of tractor from flipping up off the ground and overturning the tractor. It was a remarkable invention and is still used today, even on the most modern tractors. Ferguson also designed the famous “Grey Fergie” – a small workhorse that was manufactured in the UK, USA and Australia. Thousands of these tractors, now over 70 years old, are still used on a daily basis. Much sought after, the Grey Fergie has achieved an almost cult status. Even red ones, as depicted in this small 152 x 203 mm (6 x 8 inch) acrylic painting, are known as Grey Fergies. Some are abandoned, some restored to pristine condition, most just keep on working. You may also enjoy Tractor in Norfolk and Old Blue if you are a tractor fan. Grey Fergie fans put Heart and Soul into their tractors, like we do with our art.

You may own a tractor or have fond memories of living or holidaying on a farm. You may even consider having your favourite memory converted into a beautiful painting. Contact us on and we will consult with you regarding your requirements.

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Fergie Tractors
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