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A Boy Named Sailboat

A Scene From A Movie –

If there is an old Chevy in a movie it will immediately grab my attention. Last night was no exception, as we watched “A boy named Sailboat”.

I won’t tell you about the movie, except this. A poor artist who loves horses, lives in this little wooden hacienda in Mexico. It has a natural lean to the right and the entire structure is supported by a wooden beam wedged into the side of the hacienda.

The family car is a decrepit sea green 1955 or 1956 Chevy with the rear doors missing! Between mother, father, son, and a lonely kid kicking a soccer ball around in almost every scene, a feel good tale is told.

This is my sketch which I have filed for another day. Could be fun. I’m also busy with two old car paintings (Feb 2019). The first is a 1934 Dodge Pickup and the other a 1929 Chevy Coupe

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