Gone Fishing

One small boat left in Hout Bay Harbour – AP423

Hout Bay, Gone Fishing, Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew
Gone Fishing – Hout Bay – South Africa

There is an artist’s magazine published every two months carrying the usual content, lots of adverts, how to do articles, whats on where, you know the drill. They also have an “artist’s challenge”, where they propose a subject by supplying a photograph, which you must interpret any old way you like.

The task one particular month, was a photo of Hout Bay outside Capetown. There were three or four fishing boats tied up at a jetty, fairly close to the front of the scene and then some more further back. Behind all the boats were glimpses of Hout Bay itself plus the ever present Cape Mountains as a backdrop. Lots of masts and reflection were the two main features of the photo.

I spent hours, days, in fact, on getting the mountains right and I could see that the days remaining to complete were getting less. In the meantime, I began to see others’ work and I decided that these competitions are, for now, not for me. I eventually finished the mountains and when I looked down, there wasn’t a single boat. I decided then and there they had all left harbour as the snoek were running. That’s the truth of it – the little green man behind the big red refrigeration truck proves my point. The sign says “Gone Fishing”. This work also proves’ that little green men do indeed, exist.

Aah! You prefer a bit more realism with your boats? Perhaps Boat at Paternoster may interest you. Then again Jongensklip Station has it’s own charm and may be something to own. Then there’s one of my favourites – Shepherds Hut. All three done with lots of Heart and Soul. You can invest in Gone fishing or any other of my art by going direct to the shop by clicking I want to buy and then scrolling down to the shop itself.

Aah, size, I hear is important . Gone Fishing is an Acrylic Painting on a canvas panel measuring 254 x 356 mm or 10 x 14 inch

In the unlikely event that you can’t find what you’re looking for email me on bruceA684@gmail.com with your idea or image and lets see if we can find a way to get your idea onto a canvas.

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Bruce Andrew
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