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Men and boats, ready for the challenge of the sea

Boats at Arniston

About 20 km north-east of Cape Agulhas is the holiday village of Arniston and it’s historical neighbour, the historical fishing village of Kassiesbaai.

There is a small “harbour” for the fishing boats in Arniston, owned and managed by the locals. Out of season, in bad weather and when the fish aren’t biting, there are always four or five of these tiny seagoing vessels sitting on the concrete slipway. There’s always someone busy working on the boats, with a brush and paint, or needle and twine, repairing nets, touching up damaged surfaces and generally keeping these incredible little boats seaworthy.

Kassiesbaai has a long history, some of which may be unverifiable, but it makes interesting reading on Google.

If you go to Google maps with these co-ordinates you will be directed to the little harbour. -34.666381,20.231924

This piece is multi-media on a 265 gsm canvas sheet. I used acrylics, soft pastels, charcoal, Pigma archival ink brushes, Unipen water and fade proof pigment ink covered with a fixative and then varnished.
It measures 305 mm x 406 mm or 12 in x 16 in.

My first attempt at a multimedia piece (shown above) using exactly the same media turned out a complete disaster. It makes for an interesting photograph but in reality it’s just a big black blob! It became the first piece I tossed in the waste bin. The charcoal was overdone!
Boats at Arniston has turned out a lot better.

Another piece that may interest you is Boat at Paternoster

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