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Silhouette of a rare moment in a child’s busy life – AP435


Annabella was an energetic 7 year old, who was always on the go, busy with the things that little girls do. One evening she was for a rare moment still. She and her teddy were watching “Beauty and the Beast” when her picture was taken. The lighting created a silhouette effect. This Acrylic painting on MDF board measures 203 mm x 178 mm . Two other portraits that may interest you are That Girl and Banksy Rewound. If you have a favourite photograph that you would like created into a larger painting please feel free to mail us on and we will contact you regarding price and delivery .

Annabella Reference
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Bruce Andrew
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Tabasco Bottle and two Chillies – OP403

Tabasco, Oil Painting By Bruce, Art For Sale, Fire

Fire is the name of this small oil painting on a canvas panel It comes framed in the heavy wooden frame you see above. The canvas itself is 152 x 203 mm and the frame adds about 75 mm to length and breadth.

Why such a small canvas? Ah well, small subject matter, small canvas is probably how I was thinking but who says a Tabasco bottle needs to be so small. After all is said and done, Tabasco has a Big Taste. What is done is done though and this small piece of art will add a nice little feature to small space in your kitchen. If you cook with Heart and Soul then this is for you. Invest in Fire today.

Alternative still life paintings that may be of interest include Apple and Pear, Roses and Light.
On the other hand you may have a favourite photo that you would like captured on canvas. Make use of our commission arrangements by emailing me on and we will get right back to you showing what we can do to turn your dream into reality .

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew

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Roses In A Bottle

Mothers’s Day Roses in a Bottle – OP402

Roses, In a Bottle, Oil Painting by Bruce, Art By Bruce, Art For Sale
Roses in a Bottle

A few days after Mother’s Day in 2016 I attended my first art lesson. I had a canvas, some paint and a bottle with turpentine with me. I wonder what went through Alyson’s mind that first Wednesday. “So” says Alyson “What would you like to paint?”. “No” says me, “I have no cooking clue as to where I should start”.

Alyson points to an old coffee bottle full of yellow and orangy/peach coloured roses that some lucky mother had received on Mother’s Day, brought to art on the Monday and left behind. “OK” says I, “How?” and so began my scumbling journey along the road to a masterpiece. Shading, colour mixing, position, proportions and all the other magical concepts you hear from artists was complete Greek to me. Most of it still is.

Alyson, it must be said, helped with the bottle getting me to put in the white in order to create the glass effect. The flurry came at the end with the reflection on the right bottom. Looks good, I think, with it’s burgundy background with a matching frame.

Just some thoughts on old Vincent van Gogh. It seems the master only seriously painted the last ten or 12 years of his life. legend has it that only one of his paintings sold in his lifetime. I, on the other hand have been blessed with quite a number of sales and have another 8 or 9 years to get the masterpiece onto canvas. In the meantime Roses is still available and you would be wise to snap it up with vase, frame and all. You never know. Return on investment and all that jazz. Go on, Buy the Roses in a bottle.

Seriously, may be that you prefer a little more “outdoors”, Whimsical” or “detailed”. Then have a look at Shepherds Hut, Gone Fishing and Tractor in Norfolk.

Still not happy? OK, email me your favourite image to and let me show you how we can turn your dream into a beautiful canvas

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Art By Bruce, heart and Soul, bruce andrew - 3
Bruce Andrew
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That Girl

A portrait in oil pastels – PP442

Art By Bruce, Oil pastels ,Whimsical, Portrait, That Girl
That Girl

There is a concept in management called the competency pyramid, I’m sure you know it – It starts off where you are unconsciously incompetent (you don”t even know that you don’t know what you’re doing) and ends at the top of the pyramid (where else) where you are unconsciously competent (you do things right without even thinking about it – like driving your car).

I was in the first category when we tackled this project and 18 months later I would call myself consciously incompetent using Oil Pastels. I know I have no idea as to what we did and why. We had to create a portrait with oil pastels from a photograph. Still, That Girl turned out quite well. She is kind of pretty in a Cher or Amy Winehouse kind of way. It’s kind of Picassoish don’t you think? Lots of young girls would kill to look like That Girl and yet others wouldn’t be seen dead hanging out with That Girl.

You could just give up and buy this for your teenager or perhaps something a little more sedate would pique your interest like an Annabella type painting or Kiss Me Kate which is a streetscape / portrait type painting.

Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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John 8:12 – OP443

Light - artbybruce - Bruce Andrew

This still life is an Oil painting on canvas and measures 297 x 420 mm or 11.5 x 16.5 inches.
It was done as an entrant in the “Light” exhibition held by the Volmoed Art Group in Hermanus. For me the source of all light is Jesus Christ, both in a physical and spiritual dimension. It’s title is Light and the sub title is simply John 8:12.

There are hundreds of bible translations but they all say the same thing. No Jesus – No light and if there is no light you will lose your way and eventually stumble and fall.
The New International Version” (NIV) says in John 8:12
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The Message” says
Jesus once again addressed them: “I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.”

The King James Version” says
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life”.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) says at Yochanan 8:12
12 Then again he spoke to them, saying, Ani Hu HaOhr HaOlam Hazeh. The one following me will never walk in choshech, but will have the Ohr HaChayyim.

The Japanese Living Bible (JLB) puts it this way
12 そのあとで、イエスは人々にお話しになりました。「わたしは世の光です。わたしに従って来れば、暗闇でつまずくことはありません。いのちの光が、あなたがたの進む道を明るく照らすからです。」

Not matter where you are, or what language you speak, the Bible’s message is the same.

These extracts are from Bible Gateway where you can read any one of the hundreds of Bible translations on their site.

I have added a second image of the incomplete work, which more accurately gives an idea of the depth of colour in the piece.

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Still Life, Bible and Candle,
Light –

You may also be interested in Bloom where you are planted which is about wild flowers surviving in inhospitable ground.

Bruce Andrew
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SOLD – Apple and Pear

Fresh fruit from Diepgat Farm near Caledon – South Africa AP415

Apple, Pear, Art By Bruce, Still Life,
Apple and Pear

I have a friend who owns a beautiful farm in the long and equally beautiful Hemel-En-Aarde Valley, which stretches from Hermanus almost to Caledon, in the Western Cape of South Africa. Export Apples and Pears are two of the products farmed here and this apple and pear come from that area. The reason I chose them for a still life painting, were the two leaves still attached to the pear, something one rarely sees in a store. They are laid on a lace cloth . This acrylic painting is on canvas covered board measuring 305 mm x 152. You may also be interested in two other still life paintings – Light and Roses. Both are Oil paintings on stretched canvas.

If you have a favourite photograph that you would like created into a larger painting please feel free to mail us on and we will contact you regarding price and delivery . Oh, “Hemel-en-Aarde” means “Heaven and Earth”

Bruce Andrew
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