Boats At Arniston


This piece is multi-media on a 265 gsm canvas sheet.  I used acrylics, soft pastels, charcoal, Pigma archival ink brushes, Unipen water and fade proof pigment ink covered with a fixative and then varnished.

It measures 305 mm x 406 mm or 12 in x 16 in.

Price includes shipping in South Africa via Postnet to Postnet, Pep Store to Pep Store or SAPO


There is a small “harbour” for the fishing boats in Arniston, owned and managed by the locals. Out of season, in bad weather and when the fish aren’t biting, there are always four or five of these tiny seagoing vessels sitting on the concrete slipway. There’s always someone busy working on the boats, with a brush and paint, or needle and twine, repairing nets, touching up damaged surfaces and generally keeping these incredible little boats seaworthy.