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Moravian Bell

A Creation by Warren Voight

art by bruce, landscapes,
Moravian Bell By Warren Voight

Warren Voight is an artist from the Boland area. He is equally at home with landscapes and portraits and likes a challenge. This work is an Acrylic painting on a stretched canvas and measures 40 x 30 cm. Moravian Bell comes complete with its frame. Warren can be contacted via his Face Book Page – Warren Voight Fine Arts or on his email which is wbvoight at gmail dot com

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Gone Fishing

One small boat left in Hout Bay Harbour – AP423

Hout Bay, Gone Fishing, Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew
Gone Fishing – Hout Bay – South Africa

There is an artist’s magazine published every two months carrying the usual content, lots of adverts, how to do articles, whats on where, you know the drill. They also have an “artist’s challenge”, where they propose a subject by supplying a photograph, which you must interpret any old way you like.

The task one particular month, was a photo of Hout Bay outside Capetown. There were three or four fishing boats tied up at a jetty, fairly close to the front of the scene and then some more further back. Behind all the boats were glimpses of Hout Bay itself plus the ever present Cape Mountains as a backdrop. Lots of masts and reflection were the two main features of the photo.

I spent hours, days, in fact, on getting the mountains right and I could see that the days remaining to complete were getting less. In the meantime, I began to see others’ work and I decided that these competitions are, for now, not for me. I eventually finished the mountains and when I looked down, there wasn’t a single boat. I decided then and there they had all left harbour as the snoek were running. That’s the truth of it – the little green man behind the big red refrigeration truck proves my point. The sign says “Gone Fishing”. This work also proves’ that little green men do indeed, exist.

Aah! You prefer a bit more realism with your boats? Perhaps Boat at Paternoster may interest you. Then again Jongensklip Station has it’s own charm and may be something to own. Then there’s one of my favourites – Shepherds Hut. All three done with lots of Heart and Soul. You can invest in Gone fishing or any other of my art by going direct to the shop by clicking I want to buy and then scrolling down to the shop itself.

Aah, size, I hear is important . Gone Fishing is an Acrylic Painting on a canvas panel measuring 254 x 356 mm or 10 x 14 inch

In the unlikely event that you can’t find what you’re looking for email me on with your idea or image and lets see if we can find a way to get your idea onto a canvas.

Art By Bruce, heart and Soul, bruce andrew - 3
Bruce Andrew
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Kate Douglas Wiggin on art

An extract from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, landscape, Girl, Walking, Rebecca,
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca’s idea of being a painter like her friend Miss Ross was gradually receding, owing to the apparently insuperable difficulties in securing any instruction.

Her aunt Miranda saw no wisdom in cultivating such a talent, and could not conceive that any money could ever be earned by its exercise.

“Hand painted picures” were held in little esteem in Riverboro, where the cheerful chromo or the dignified steel engraving were respected and valued.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm – Kate Douglas Wiggin – Chapter 16

See what Picasso and Claude Monet had to say about art. Rebecca – Girl in a pink gingham dress will soon be on my easel so please do come back in a while.

Do you have a special passage in a book that you would like brought to life in your own painting? Contact me with your passage on and lets see if we can dream up something beautiful.

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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A Boy Named Sailboat

A scene from the movie –

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, 1955 Chevy, Oil Painting,Landscape, A Boy Named Sailboat
A Boy named Sailboat

If there is an old Chevy in a movie it will immediately grab my attention. last night was no exception as we watched A boy named Sailboat. I won’t tell you about the movie except this. A poor artist who loves horses lives in this little wooden hacienda in Mexico. It has a natural lean to the right and the entire structure is supported by a wooden beam wedged into the side of the structure. The family car is a decrepit sea green 1955 or 1956 Chevy with the rear doors missing! Between mother, father, son and a lonely kid kicking a soccer ball around in almost every scene a feel good tale is told. This is my sketch which I have filed for another day. Could be fun. I’m also busy with two old car paintings (Feb 2019). The first is a 1934 Dodge Pickup and the other a 1929 Chevy Coupe

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew

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SOLD – In for Repair

A red version of a “Grey Fergie” tractor

Red Fergie - 2017
Red Fergie

Harry Ferguson was the Irish Engineer and Inventor that designed the first three point linkage for tractors. This device prevented the front wheels of tractor from flipping up off the ground and overturning the tractor. It was a remarkable invention and is still used today, even on the most modern tractors. Ferguson also designed the famous “Grey Fergie” – a small workhorse that was manufactured in the UK, USA and Australia. Thousands of these tractors, now over 70 years old, are still used on a daily basis. Much sought after, the Grey Fergie has achieved an almost cult status. Even red ones, as depicted in this small 152 x 203 mm (6 x 8 inch) acrylic painting, are known as Grey Fergies. Some are abandoned, some restored to pristine condition, most just keep on working. You may also enjoy Tractor in Norfolk and Old Blue if you are a tractor fan. Grey Fergie fans put Heart and Soul into their tractors, like we do with our art.

You may own a tractor or have fond memories of living or holidaying on a farm. You may even consider having your favourite memory converted into a beautiful painting. Contact us on and we will consult with you regarding your requirements.

Art By Bruce, Acrylic Painting, Grey Fergie, Old Blue, Landscape,
Fergie Tractors
Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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Silhouette of a rare moment in a child’s busy life – AP435


Annabella was an energetic 7 year old, who was always on the go, busy with the things that little girls do. One evening she was for a rare moment still. She and her teddy were watching “Beauty and the Beast” when her picture was taken. The lighting created a silhouette effect. This Acrylic painting on MDF board measures 203 mm x 178 mm . Two other portraits that may interest you are That Girl and Banksy Rewound. If you have a favourite photograph that you would like created into a larger painting please feel free to mail us on and we will contact you regarding price and delivery .

Annabella Reference
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Bruce Andrew
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Tractors In The Snow

Two John Deere tractors left out overnight – Ref OP 458

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Landscape, Farmscape, Tractors, Snow, John Deere
Two John Deere Tractors Left out overnight

This is an oil painting on a canvas panel. Its quite small, measuring 250 x 355 mm or 10 x 14 inches. It started life as an English thatch cottage but there was no passion for it, so it was painted over. Then it was supposed to be a man sitting under a street light and that didn’t grab me either. I kind of had the streetlight and I love tractors and snow so that was the next thought that came to me. Streetlight, tractor and snow. There they are, two John Deere tractors left out the afternoon before and overnight snow has covered them in a white blanket.

This tractor painting would be in a very small group of paintings. Tractors and snow are an uncommon combination. If you prefer hotter tractors then you may like Tractor in Norfolk , Old Blue or In for repair. On the other hand you may have a favourite tractor photo that you would like painted. Make use of our commission arrangements by emailing me on and we will get right back to you.

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Art By Bruce, heart and Soul, bruce andrew - 3
Bruce Andrew
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SOLD – Poppies

Bright poppies in a field near the sea – OP411

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Landscape, Poppies,

This commissioned work is an oil painting on stretched canvas measuring 559 x 711 mm or 22 x 28 inch. You may be interested in Bloom where you are planted or Canola Field, which is a small oil painting in a heavy frame.

If you have a favourite photograph that you would like created into a larger painting please feel free to mail us on and we will contact you regarding price and delivery .

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Bruce Andrew

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Banksy rewound

My humble tribute to the master of thinking outside the box – OP465

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Portrait, Landscape, Girl With Balloon, Banksy Rewound
Banksy Rewound

If you have never seen the “Shredding Banksy Painting” then perhaps now is the time. It’s about 2 minutes long. So what is Banksy Rewound all about? It’s quite simple really. I think the man is a genius. Off the wall, or should that be “On the wall”? But nevertheless, a genius, and master of thinking outside the box.

Banksy is a mysterious character that paints the most amazing, funny, thought provoking and downright cheeky murals, but with a graffiti air about them. This particular painting, which is small compared to his other works, is big on shock, publicity grabbing, self promotion and dare I say it, making money.
Girl with a balloon was auctioned by Sothebys for a staggering $1, 400, 000 . On completion of the auction a shredder built into the picture frame was activated and the painting began to shred. It jammed three quarters of the way through, but that just added to the intrigue and romance of the entire process.

Seconds after the fall of the hammer “Girl with a balloon” began to shred. Right before the very people who had been bidding for the work.

So I imagined how Girl with a Balloon would look like if the painting could have been rewound into it’s frame. Here it is – “Banksy Rewound” – my tribute to the mystery man of thinking out the box.

Banksy Rewound is an Oil Painting on canvas, done with heart and soul and measures 305 x 406 mm or 12 x 16 inches.

There are some nice works in the pipeline, mine, not Banksy’s, that may interest you, “Tobias Toucan” “Bull Elephant” and “Jessica – Ceres Rail Company

If none of the above are your answer to “which one do you love?” then perhaps you have a favourite image or idea that you would like captured on canvas. If so contact me on and together we’ll turn the dream into reality.

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew