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SOLD – Friday Afternoon

A lady by the name of Julie Duell is an American artist who has, for years, added her ideas and tips to her blog, for aspiring and experienced agents alike. When I was getting to grips with the real issues of perspective I found her site and followed her techniques. I then set about painting my interpretation of her interpretation! This acrylic on a canvas panel measures 152 x 203 mm or 6 x 8 inches. It is framed.

I love the softness of the Friday Afternoon painting. The painting seems to be of a calm environment, maybe somewhere in Tuscany or the south of France. The two ladies talking have been to the fresh produce market for tonight’s al fresco supper. There in the distance is the village church looking out on to the square which is obscured by the buildings down the left.

You may prefer something like Kiss Me Kate I or Old Rusty which are both street scenes, or you could

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On the other hand, if you’re into finding someone to capture the essence of a photograph of yours contact me on email at . We can make your dream come true.

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Transkei Sunset

Sunset in a village somewhere in the Eastern Cape – AP407

Art By Bruce, Acrylic Painting, Landscape, StreetScape, Transkei Sunset
Transkei Sunset

Transkei Sunset was one of my first acrylic paintings. It was a lesson in light and shadow, so here you can see we have a setting sun on the right hand side and closer to the front of the painting. This image is a bit small, but there is a person sitting on the stoep of the house on the left and whoever it is, is enjoying the last moments of the day. The strong oranges and yellows give off a lot of warmth here in the foreground, but it fades into the coolness of the faraway hills with the little African huts dotted across the landscape. It’s not meant to be a person but the shadows on the closest building on the right makes one look twice. Is there someone with a cloak loitering in the shadows or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Transkei Sunset is an acrylic painting on a stretched canvas and measures 203 x 305 mm or 6 x 8 inches and is available from our shop. If you would prefer something not quite as loose you may prefer Tree Near Stanford or even Canola Field, which both feature dead trees. Something completely different, that you may also wish to consider is Fire or Roses.

Whichever way you look at it we have a nice range of homely paintings done with heart and Soul. If you would like a favorite scene captured on canvas please feel free to contact us on and we will show you how we think we can make your dream a reality.

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Bruce Andrew

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SOLD – Kiss Me Kate II

A larger version of Stone Street, New York – OP 439

Art By Bruce, Acrylic Painting , Cityscape, Lovers, Kissing, Streetscape
Kiss Me Kate – Lovers meet in the city

This commission is an Oil painting on stretched canvas measuring 406 x 406 mm or 16 x 16 inch. The inspiration for my collector was a much smaller streetscape version, called Kiss Me Kate, which was an acrylic painting using just a few different browns. Kiss Me Kate II has a little more colour in the under painting but still retains the warmth of a sepia finish. Heart and Soul went into getting the perspectives of this work correct. If you “Google Maps” Mill Lane, New York you will get an exact location, which is between William and Stone Streets.

On the other hand you may prefer something less linear, in which case Friday Afternoon may interest you. Here’s a look at the original Kiss Me Kate.

If you have a special photo or image that you would like a painting of, please contact me on for a free quote for the work and delivery. I will put Heart and Soul into your commission

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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Kiss Me Kate

In Stone Street, New York – AP409

Kiss Me kate, Streetscape, Outside the Ritz, Art By Bruce
Kiss Me Kate – 1

This is a monochrome/sepia type acrylic painting on a stretched canvas. It measures 203 x 203 mm or 8 x 8 inches. How this painting came into being was that I was surfing around the web looking for suitable ideas. I came across a black and white painting of the scene I have painted. I lost the details of the original photo and the photographer so if he or she finds this, that’s the reason there’s no credit quoted. The scene is shot in Mill Lane looking down to Stone Street in New York. There’s a famous restaurant at the bottom of the street. The challenge on doing this painting was getting the left hand wall sorted out. There’s a kink in it, just past Kate’s hand. Kind of upsets your sense of perspective. I love this one, it’s full of heart and soul.

A client also thought so and ordered a larger version of the same theme . You can see Kiss Me Kate II here. If you like street scenes then Friday Afternoon may interest you. On the other hand, if you have a sense of humour you may enjoy Gone Fishing. Kiss me Kate 1 is available and you can acquire it here.

The possibility is that you like my style (gee, thanks) but want one of your memories captured on canvas. Mail me your dream to and let’s see if we can make magic.

Bruce Andrew
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Cottage in Alcester

Not far from Stratford-Upon-Avon – AP434

Tudor, Cottage, Alcester, Art By Bruce
Cottage in Alcester

This “Streetscape” is of a little cottage in the village of Alcester in the UK county of Warwickshire. It has a history going back to the time of the Roman Empire. Alcester is about 8 km from the home of William Shakespeare , Stratford-Upon-Avon, so its quite likely that he may have strolled down this street (before the Tudor cottage was built of course). Ah, isn’t imagination lovely. You can write about what is inside your head, or tell , or draw, or sculpt or paint and even embroider and if you are gifted like Frank Sinatra or John Lennon or Leonard Cohen then you can sing about your imagination.

Enough of that now. This Acrylic painting on a canvas covered board measures 254 x 356 mm or 10 x 14 inches and starts out with a black undercoat. The technique is to draw the picture onto the black surface with good old school chalk. Once that’s complete (and its easier said than done) you kind of “paint by numbers) by filling in everything between the chalk lines. Once the painting is completely dry you wipe off the chalk lines and voila! All the black lines appear. Lucky for me my daughter had taken the original pic (see below) a week or so before we tackled this project at the Volmoed Art Room

Another Acrylic painting using the same technique that may interest you is Village at Twilight . You can see magnification of detail in Cottage in Alcester here or you can invest in Cottage in Alcester here

Art By Bruce, Acrylic Painting, Streetscape, Landscape, Cottage, Alcester
Cottage in Alcester
Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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On My Easel – Old Rusty – 21 Feb 2019

1929 Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe – Our Ref OP451

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, 1929 Chev, Oil Painting, Streetscape
Old Rusty

This old 1929 Chevrolet was one of the many variants in the Chevy Stable. There were 3 and 5 window coupes, drop-hoods, 4 door sedans and LDVs (or pickups). 1929 was an interesting year. In Chicago the great gangster shootout now know as the Valentine’s Day Massacre took place. Motorola made the very first car radio. The very first Academy Awards were presented and the Wall Street Stock Market Crash occurred in October 1929. The musical “Gold Diggers of Broadway” was released on 29 August that year. In November 1929 the Museum of Modern Art in New York opened it’s doors for the first time. This oil painting of a 5 door Chevrolet coupe is on a canvas covered board is 9 x 12 in or 230 x 305 mm

The Images above were sourced from

Chev Sedan –
Chev Coupe –
Chev Pick up –
Gold Diggers of Broadway –
Museum of Modern Art –

You may also be interested in On My Easel – Dodgy Sold – 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Benji
My Old Benjamin
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On My Easel – Door – 15th February 2019

Sometimes, no, make that all times, when you think a project will be easy, it turns out to be quite a challenge. I was sent an image of a milk bottle outside a red door. Throwback to the days when you were awoken by the clinking of bottles and the rattle of the milkman’s lorry.

One thing has led to another and this one is not turning out as I pictured. So we’ll have to rethink what the next move will be. It’s like playing chess. You’re busy attacking and suddenly your opponent whacks you with a move you didn’t see coming! The moral is to plan ahead and be aware of where things can go wrong.

Watch this space!

Art By Bruce - Blue Door
Blue Door – On my easel
Art By Bruce - Milk Bottle and Red Door
Milk Bottle outside a red door
Art By Bruce, Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Done with Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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On My Easel – Village at Twilight – 10th July 2018

Village at Twilight - artbybruce - Bruce Andrew
Village at Twilight

On My Easel last week was this little village scene. I have no idea what the name of the technique is… I’ve probably been told, and if so then I have forgotten. What you do is you start of with a black canvas and using good old school chalk you draw all the outlines of your subject matter. You then go ahead and paint out your piece around all the chalk marks. You allow the paint to dry (acrylic works best with this technique) and then, with a damp cloth, you wipe off all the chalk. Voila – The black background appears.

The technique works especially with specific subjects like old English Tudor style buildings but I have seen some beautiful work done by associates of seagulls, mythical beings, old harbours and fishing boats.

The evening/twilight effect in this particular piece was unintentional. It was purely the brand of white acrylic used.

I have to place two figures in the scene, a bit of yellow light and I have to decide whether or not to brighten up the walls.

It’s kind of a whimsical piece.

Bruce Andrew
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