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On My Easel – Village at Twilight – 10th July 2018

Village at Twilight - artbybruce - Bruce Andrew
Village at Twilight

On My Easel last week was this little village scene. I have no idea what the name of the technique is… I’ve probably been told, and if so then I have forgotten. What you do is you start of with a black canvas and using good old school chalk you draw all the outlines of your subject matter. You then go ahead and paint out your piece around all the chalk marks. You allow the paint to dry (acrylic works best with this technique) and then, with a damp cloth, you wipe off all the chalk. Voila – The black background appears.

The technique works especially with specific subjects like old English Tudor style buildings but I have seen some beautiful work done by associates of seagulls, mythical beings, old harbours and fishing boats.

The evening/twilight effect in this particular piece was unintentional. It was purely the brand of white acrylic used.

I have to place two figures in the scene, a bit of yellow light and I have to decide whether or not to brighten up the walls.

It’s kind of a whimsical piece.

Bruce Andrew
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