On My Easel – Door – 15th February 2019

Sometimes, no, make that all times, when you think a project will be easy, it turns out to be quite a challenge. I was sent an image of a milk bottle outside a red door. Throwback to the days when you were awoken by the clinking of bottles and the rattle of the milkman’s lorry.

One thing has led to another and this one is not turning out as I pictured. So we’ll have to rethink what the next move will be. It’s like playing chess. You’re busy attacking and suddenly your opponent whacks you with a move you didn’t see coming! The moral is to plan ahead and be aware of where things can go wrong.

Watch this space!

Art By Bruce - Blue Door
Blue Door – On my easel
Art By Bruce - Milk Bottle and Red Door
Milk Bottle outside a red door
Art By Bruce, Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Done with Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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