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On My Easel – Anahita Golf Course 8th Hole – 16th January 2020

Art By Bruce - Anahita

This Work is a commission for a client in Saigon, Vietnam.

The Anahita Golf and Spa Resort is on the East Coast of Mauritius. It covers over 210 Hectares of Tropical coastline and includes two 18 hole golf courses designed by German Golfer Bernhard Langer and our very own Ernie Els.

Following my Anahita 4th which was sold in 2019 I received a commission from a buyer in Saigon, Vietnam. He has asked for an oil painting of the 8th hole looking towards the green from behind the tee.

I was also given a picture of where the finished piece will hang. A really special client.

Art By Bruce - Anahita Space
Anahita Space

The painting is an oil on 260 gsm canvas sheet measuring 305 mm x 406 mm or 12 in x 16 in. it should be finished in the next week.

Close up of the pin and the ball on it’s way to the green

Art By Bruce - Anahita Pin and Ball
Anahita Pin and Ball

Other paintings that are similar include “Man Walking” and “Lady Walking”

Art By Bruce, heart and Soul, bruce andrew - 3

I’m brave enough (or crazy enough, depending on your point of view) to tackle most challenges. You’re invited to send me your favourite photo and put me to the test. You can mail me at and I’ll get back to you within a day or so

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SOLD – Uber Taxi in the Great Karoo

Our farm in what is known as the Upper Karoo is 55 km from the nearest town (Douglas) and 71 km from the town in the other direction (Prieska). Karoo farms that are not on the Orange river are almost all sheep farms. It is a lonely life in the Karoo. It is so vast, so still, and so very hot in summer and icy cold when the winds blow in winter. To most, the Karoo is an area you just drive through on your way to more attractive destinations. To the few that know, there is no more peaceful place on earth than here, in the Great Karoo.

How does one then get around if you are unfortunate enough not to own a motor vehicle?
You use Uber Cart!
Unlike in the city you don’t use a mobile to book your ride and then jump into the Uber that magically appears in front of you.
No, you send a message to someone with a donkey cart. You explain where you wish to go and more or less when you want to go. But the cart arrives when the cart arrives and you go when the driver is good and ready to go.
To be good and ready to go one has to enquire as to everyone’s welfare, take refreshment, discuss the weather and tell of events since last meeting. Then you will be ready to set out. Except, of course, you have to get the donkey to co-operate, which can have its own particular challenges.

Heart and Soul and a little bit more went into this Acrylic painting of a donkey cart on the farm Kwartelspan. It is on a canvas panel measuring 305 x 406 mm or 12 x 16 inches.

Similar pieces that may be of interest would be Boat at Paternoster and Shepherds Hut.

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Art By Bruce, heart and Soul, bruce andrew - 3

I’m brave enough to tackle most challenges. You’re invited to send us your favourite photo and put us to the test. You can mail me at and I’ll get back to you.

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Tree near Stanford

Tree between Stanford and Napier – OP406

Dead tree, Stanford, Oil Painting, art by Bruce, Art for Sale
Tree Near Stanford

Tree Near Stanford is a oil painting on a stretched canvas measuring 305 x 406 mm or 12 x 16 inches. That’s the detail, now let me tell you about the painting and why it got painted. There is a thing about dead trees, or rather, some people have a thing about dead trees. How old was the tree, why did it die, what did it look like in it’s prime? who sheltered underneath it on a hot day? That kind of unanswerable question, which leads to human’s best loved pastimes …..making assumptions.

Tree near Stanford was inspired by a photo Freda took on the road from Stanford over the Akkedis Pass heading toward Caledon, Napier and Riviersonderend. In midsummer, after the wheat, canola, barley and oats harvest, the countryside presents a dry and extremely bleak picture. The Merino sheep stand around in various patterns to glean a moments shadow and relief from the blazing sun. Eventually, they know, and we know, relief will come. Relief in the form of the Western Cape’s winter rains. Invest in Tree Near Stanford

Other paintings that you make enjoy are Old Car and Windmill, Wild Flowers and Shepherds Hut. Perhaps you have a favourite image that you would like captured on canvas. In that case contact us by email on and we will make your dream a reality. We put heart and Soul into getting your artwork as near perfect as possible.

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Art By Bruce, heart and Soul, bruce andrew - 3
Bruce Andrew
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Canola Field

Dead Tree in a field of Canola – Ref OP401

Canola Field, Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew
Canola Field

This small Oil Painting on a canvas panel measures 102 x 152 mm or 4 x 6 inches. As you can see Canola Field is in a heavy antique frame , which goes with the painting, don’t you think? If you wanted to see this tree you would have to take a drive from Napier to Bredasdorp in the Overberg district of The Western Cape. It’s on the left , assuming its still standing. The Canola Field was in full bloom and the sky overhead was an intense blue. Canola field is the ideal piece to brighten up a dark spot in almost any environment. You can magnify the detail or go right ahead and invest today. I also like Tree near Stanford, Jongensklip station, and Shepherds Hut which are all scenes in the same district.

We enjoy the challenge of a commission so if you are considering having a favourite photo reproduced as an original artwork please contact us on and we will gladly assist you.

Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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On My Easel – Anahita Golf Course – Update -14th February 2019

Art By Bruce, Oil Painting, Landscape, Golf, Mauritius, 4th Hole, Anahita
4th Hole Anahita Golf Course in Mauritius

We first published on this Anahita Golf Course oil painting early in December 2018. It is now complete and has already been delivered to its new owner. This is the final product just before it came off the easel! The painting is on a stretched canvas 200 mm x 500 mm .

Bruce Andrew
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