SOLD – Kiss Me Kate II

A larger version of Stone Street, New York – OP 439

Art By Bruce, Acrylic Painting , Cityscape, Lovers, Kissing, Streetscape
Kiss Me Kate – Lovers meet in the city

This commission is an Oil painting on stretched canvas measuring 406 x 406 mm or 16 x 16 inch. The inspiration for my collector was a much smaller streetscape version, called Kiss Me Kate, which was an acrylic painting using just a few different browns. Kiss Me Kate II has a little more colour in the under painting but still retains the warmth of a sepia finish. Heart and Soul went into getting the perspectives of this work correct. If you “Google Maps” Mill Lane, New York you will get an exact location, which is between William and Stone Streets.

On the other hand you may prefer something less linear, in which case Friday Afternoon may interest you. Here’s a look at the original Kiss Me Kate.

If you have a special photo or image that you would like a painting of, please contact me on for a free quote for the work and delivery. I will put Heart and Soul into your commission

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Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew