Kiss Me Kate

In Stone Street, New York – AP409

Kiss Me kate, Streetscape, Outside the Ritz, Art By Bruce
Kiss Me Kate – 1

This is a monochrome/sepia type acrylic painting on a stretched canvas. It measures 203 x 203 mm or 8 x 8 inches. How this painting came into being was that I was surfing around the web looking for suitable ideas. I came across a black and white painting of the scene I have painted. I lost the details of the original photo and the photographer so if he or she finds this, that’s the reason there’s no credit quoted. The scene is shot in Mill Lane looking down to Stone Street in New York. There’s a famous restaurant at the bottom of the street. The challenge on doing this painting was getting the left hand wall sorted out. There’s a kink in it, just past Kate’s hand. Kind of upsets your sense of perspective. I love this one, it’s full of heart and soul.

A client also thought so and ordered a larger version of the same theme . You can see Kiss Me Kate II here. If you like street scenes then Friday Afternoon may interest you. On the other hand, if you have a sense of humour you may enjoy Gone Fishing. Kiss me Kate 1 is available and you can acquire it here.

The possibility is that you like my style (gee, thanks) but want one of your memories captured on canvas. Mail me your dream to and let’s see if we can make magic.

Bruce Andrew
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