“UBER” in the Great Karoo

Donkey cart on Kwartelspan – Near Douglas – Northern Cape – South Africa – AP436

Acrylic Painting Donkey Cart Karoo
Uber Taxi in The Great Karoo

Our farm in what is known as the Upper Karoo is 55 km from the nearest town (Douglas) and 71 km from the town in the other direction (Prieska). Karoo farms that are not on the Orange river are almost all sheep farms. It is a lonely life in the Karoo. It so vast, so still, and so very hot in summer and icy cold when the winds blow in winter. To most the Karoo is an area you just drive through on your way to more attractive destinations. To the few that know, there is no more peaceful place on earth than here.

How does one then get around if you are unfortunate not to own a motor vehicle? You use Uber Cart! Unlike in the city you don’t use a mobile to book your ride and then jump into the taxi that magically appears in front of you. No, you send a message to someone with a donkey cart. You explain where you wish to go and more or less when you want to go. But the cart arrives when the cart arrives and you go when the driver is good and ready to go. To be good and ready to go one has to enquire as to everyone’s welfare, take refreshment, discuss the weather, tell of events since last meeting. Then you will be ready to set out. Except, of course, you have to get the donkey to co-operate which can have its own particular challenges.

Heart and Soul and a little bit more went into this Acrylic painting of a donkey cart on the farm Kwartelspan. It is on canvas over board measuring 305 x 406 mm or 12 x 16 inches. See a magnification of detail in this acrylic painting or invest in this artwork

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Bruce Andrew
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