Boat at Paternoster

Fisherman’s boat on the West Coast – South Africa – OP422

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Boat at Paternoster

Years ago we found this old fisherman’s boat outside a shop in the fishing village of Paternoster. Paternoster is situated about 160 km from Capetown and is reached by taking the N7 out of the city. At the time it was filled with orange and yellow flowers. The two colours were more or less separate, whether by design or accident, I have no idea, but one thing is sure, someone had taken great care in nurturing these flowers.

The shop is still there, full of West Coast trinkets and agricultural products. I just love the history that must lurk in the old woodwork. How many times had it been out to sea? Had it ever capsized? Who last used it? It’s the only boat painting I’ve done but it is in the same class as Old Car and Windmill, Jongensklip Station and Dodgy. Of course, If you love this little painting you can go right ahead and buy this oil painting measuring 152 x 203 mm or 6 x 8 inches.

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