SOLD – Friday Afternoon


A lady by the name of Julie Duell is an American artist who has, for years, added her ideas and tips to her blog, for aspiring and experienced agents alike. When I was getting to grips with the real issues of perspective I found her site and followed her techniques. I then set about painting my interpretation of her interpretation! This acrylic on a canvas panel measures 152 x 203 mm or 6 x 8 inches. It is framed.

I love the softness of the Friday Afternoon painting. The painting seems to be of a calm environment, maybe somewhere in Tuscany or the south of France. The two ladies talking have been to the fresh produce market for tonight’s al fresco supper. There in the distance is the village church looking out on to the square which is obscured by the buildings down the left.

You may prefer something like Kiss Me Kate I or Old Rusty which are both street scenes, or you could

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