Roses In A Bottle

Mothers’s Day Roses in a Bottle – OP402

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Roses in a Bottle

A few days after Mother’s Day in 2016 I attended my first art lesson. I had a canvas, some paint and a bottle with turpentine with me. I wonder what went through Alyson’s mind that first Wednesday. “So” says Alyson “What would you like to paint?”. “No” says me, “I have no cooking clue as to where I should start”.

Alyson points to an old coffee bottle full of yellow and orangy/peach coloured roses that some lucky mother had received on Mother’s Day, brought to art on the Monday and left behind. “OK” says I, “How?” and so began my scumbling journey along the road to a masterpiece. Shading, colour mixing, position, proportions and all the other magical concepts you hear from artists was complete Greek to me. Most of it still is.

Alyson, it must be said, helped with the bottle getting me to put in the white in order to create the glass effect. The flurry came at the end with the reflection on the right bottom. Looks good, I think, with it’s burgundy background with a matching frame.

Just some thoughts on old Vincent van Gogh. It seems the master only seriously painted the last ten or 12 years of his life. legend has it that only one of his paintings sold in his lifetime. I, on the other hand have been blessed with quite a number of sales and have another 8 or 9 years to get the masterpiece onto canvas. In the meantime Roses is still available and you would be wise to snap it up with vase, frame and all. You never know. Return on investment and all that jazz. Go on, Buy the Roses in a bottle.

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