Tractor in Norfolk

A “Grey Fergie” – The ubiquitous Harry Ferguson designed workhorse – AP437

Vaaljapie, tractor, Grey Fergie Art By Bruce
Grey Fergie – Norfolk UK

This Acrylic painting of a Grey Fergie Tractor is on MDF Board and measures 254 x 356 mm or 10 x 14 inches. There is a funny story attached to this work. The tractor featured in a post on a Facebook Group. I asked the owner’s permission to use his image as a reference picture, to which he agreed. He also indicated he would buy the painting on completion. I duly advised him when it was finished and sent him an invoice for the work and the courier fee (which was more than the painting I may add). Never heard from him again so here it is – The Grey Fergie Tractor in the UK. Heart and Soul went into the detailing of the engine. I have two other paintings of tractors. One is “In for repair” which gives some background into the Fergie tractor and the other is “Old Blue“, which is a painting of two old tractors in a field in the Free State. You may be interested in old cars there are few to view – 1959 Chev Biscayne, 1929 Chevy or Old Car and Windmill .

If you have a photo or image that you would like a painting of please feel free to contact us on and we can give you some input of what we could do for you.

Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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