That Girl

A portrait in oil pastels – PP442

Art By Bruce, Oil pastels ,Whimsical, Portrait, That Girl
That Girl

There is a concept in management called the competency pyramid, I’m sure you know it – It starts off where you are unconsciously incompetent (you don”t even know that you don’t know what you’re doing) and ends at the top of the pyramid (where else) where you are unconsciously competent (you do things right without even thinking about it – like driving your car).

I was in the first category when we tackled this project and 18 months later I would call myself consciously incompetent using Oil Pastels. I know I have no idea as to what we did and why. We had to create a portrait with oil pastels from a photograph. Still, That Girl turned out quite well. She is kind of pretty in a Cher or Amy Winehouse kind of way. It’s kind of Picassoish don’t you think? Lots of young girls would kill to look like That Girl and yet others wouldn’t be seen dead hanging out with That Girl.

You could just give up and buy this for your teenager or perhaps something a little more sedate would pique your interest like an Annabella type painting or Kiss Me Kate which is a streetscape / portrait type painting.

Art By Bruce, Bruce Andrew, Heart and Soul
Bruce Andrew
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